Le Butcherettes: Sängerin pinkelt wütend auf die Bühne und springt dann in die Pfütze!

Das hier ist wirklich cool. Das kommt an Rockbitch ran. Diese Frau zeigt Haltung:

To the violent beat of the next song, “Dress Off,” she tumbles backward off the Troubadour stage and into the crowd for a few moments of surfing before she’s tossed back up. She sings a torrid and crazed vocal. Then Teri Gender Bender lifts her skirt to pee right on the stage, stomping and splashing the puddle in her fishnet stockings.

This show, which happened over the summer, wasn’t the first time Teri Gender Bender (born Teri Suarez) has peed on stage. She urinated out of rage, she says, last year in Mexico City, when Le Butcherettes shared a bill with “this French-Chilean singer” who was “treating me like I was just an opening band.” And then she did it again in June at an outdoor show in Arizona, apparently out of boredom. “The Troubadour was more an act of love,” she insists, and promises it will be the last time. “Pee doesn’t have to be bad. It can be graceful. I wanted the last time I peed onstage to be a positive feeling.”

Le Butcherettes

Also beim letzten Mal hat sie liebevoll auf die Bühne gepinkelt, nicht wütend. ist ja auch was ganz Liebes 🙂

Sehen kann man es in diesem Konzertvideo, so ab Minute 3, und bei Minute 4 sieht man dann auch die Pfütze:

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